We have partnered up with the site www.equoteconveyancing.co.uk to supply our software clients with a platform to access good priced conveyancing quotes quickly and easily. See their website for more information.

This site idea is based upon the same principles as the price comparison websites you see for switching utilities or getting a car or house insurance quote only this is for conveyancing fee quotations from solicitors and licensed conveyancer firms. If you are like us, we feel a little inhibited if you were to walk into a shop and see something that catches your attention but is unpriced. We are often jittery about calling over an assistant to enquire what the price is because we are afraid of our potential embarrassment if the price quoted is higher than we would expect to pay. It is a basic human condition that only the super-confident do not suffer from.

Similarly we wouldn’t want to walk into a high street firm of solicitors and ask how much they charge for conveyancing services because unless they have published a scale of rates it would probably result in them asking you to take a seat and then you would likely be consulted by a solicitor who will pressurise you into registering your interest with their firm.

Website quotations enabling you to obtain a range of quotations that you can compare and read the reviews of the solicitor firms are brilliant especially if they maintain anonymity. Some sites make it look as though they are going to give you am immediate response but they drag you in by asking for your phone and email details. There’s quite a big business in selling your contact details and your interest onto other firms of solicitors in your area and many firms will pay good money for fresh leads.

Personally, I would prefer not to have to give my email address and certainly not my mobile number in order to obtain a website quotation.

I would also give a wide berth to the adverts that appear as sponsored link adverts as these will mainly purport that their chargeable fee will only be around £100.00. What they are doing here is not adding on their additional costs and disbursement charges and only showing the legal fee element. These extra costs cannot be avoided in most cases as they have to be incurred and therefore charged for so it does tend to cloud things for comparison purposes.

I wouldn’t worry about not actually ever meeting the solicitor who will be handling your casework as long as continuity is maintained within their practice so you can be sure that you not dealing with a different case handler each time you ring them. I would also be wary of any of these firms that ship out the casework management to overseas countries like India as believe it or not this happens so insist that all your work is managed in the UK.

All Licensed Conveyancers are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers see their website for more information.